Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinty

Blessed Elizabeth Catez was born in France in July of 1880. After her father’s death in 1887, the family moved to the second floor of a house that overlooked the Dijon Carmel. During her first visit with the prioress of the Dijon Carmel, the prioress told her that her name meant "house of God". This deeply affected Elizabeth. As her spirituality deepened, she grew in awareness of the presence of God within her. She accepted her mother's wishes to wait until she was twenty-one before she entered the Carmelites. She died in 1906.

In her brief twenty-six years, Elizabeth encapsulated the Carmelite attributes of reflective prayer, living in the present moment, loving God wholeheartedly and serving others with simplicity. Her life can be a witness for each one of us. With the help of grace, we, too, can live in intimacy with God and in service to others. Isn’t this connected to our baptismal call?

She envisioned each incident and circumstance of life as a sacrament, which brought God to an individual and assisted an individual to become more aware of God's indwelling presence. "Every happening, every event, every suffering as also every joy, is a sacrament that gives God to the soul," she tells us
Elizabeth had an intense love for scripture. As she prayerfully and reflectively read the gospel, she grew in God's love. She did not preach the gospel with words; she lived it with her life. Elizabeth encourages us to live our Christian vocation to the full, by living every aspect of our day generously and with ardor. She challenges us to plunge deeper into our spiritual life, thus broadening our understanding of other aspects of our lives and the workings of the mysteries of God therein.

Blessed Elizabeth Weblinks