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Exploring Our Faith
For me, one of the most appealing aspects of belonging to a spiritual tradition is the presumption that there is far more going on than what I witness before me. First, the idea that the galaxy we belong to is one of trillions of others in our observable universe, is overwhelmingly awesome. Beyond the physical space occupied by Earth, there is a spiritual world which sometimes I seem to grasp slightly, while at other times…not so much. I like to think the spirit world and physical worlds act symbiotically but even that is beyond my comprehension.

There is greater work taking place than I could possibly understand and although it may seem ironic, I have found liberation in letting go of the illusion that I am somehow the one in control of God's favour. This not only frees me from worry about not deserving God's love when I create a gulf between the two of us, but it prevents me from falling into a smug self-righteousness that might accompany me when I consider myself to be on a conventionally proper spiritual path. It also helps keep me from thinking that people somehow receive what they deserve in life, because this does not appear to be the case. Good people get sick. They die too young. Kind people are taken advantage of. People of lifelong faith are presented with ridiculous challenges. At times, selfish, hateful people seem to be abundantly rewarded with financial wealth and good health. God's ways are not our ways.

Eleanore Stump, an expert in the philosophy of religion at Saint Louis University writes: "No one-that is, absolutely no one-is owed eternal life in union with God. To think otherwise is to suppose that you can work your way to heaven. And you can't. Salvation is God's gift. (It is) give(n) generously to anyone who will receive it, but it is still God's gift."

Although it may seem logical to think a person of life-long faith would have easier and greater access to God's favour than, say, an ax murderer (to use the example of a colleague) who lurched up to the table at the last minute, God's thoughts are not my thoughts. The question is bound to arise, "If God loves each of us unconditionally, why not just go prodigal and live it up…maybe come back in at the end for an encore?" The reason is this: when I feel valued, loved, and respected, I will put forth effort to conduct myself in a way that is commensurate with these favours, and while I do not have control over God's love, grace, or salvation, I do have (sometimes moderate) authority over building my own
relationship with God and creation.
                          Trevor Droesbeck, Office of Youth Faith Development for the Archdiocese of Moncton











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