Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish.

"All Are Welcome"
Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity.
     5 Fatima Drive Riverview NB Canada E1B 2X8 Ph: (506) 386-6178 Fax: (506) 386-4165.  Please press to go to Facebook.
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                                                          Adult Faith Development - Vacant

                                                                    Children's Catechism - Karen LeBlanc
                                                                    Community Life - Vacant
                                                          Liturgy - Vacant
                                                                    Priest Moderator - Fr. Phil Mulligan
                                                         Justice & Solidarity - Al Daly
                                                        Development & Peace - Dan Stote                                                        
                                                                   Youth Ministry Team

                                                                    Stewardship - Fr. Phil Mulligan

                                                                           Knights of Columbus
                                                                          Prayer Shawl Ministry
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